The Truth on Israel Palestine Conflict

Apr 1, 2023 | Military/War, Political, Videos

The ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine began in the mid-20th century. And more than 100 years later, the conflict has yet to be resolved.

In world politics, the Israel – Palestine conflict has been named “the world’s most intractable conflict”. Despite a peace process that has been going on for years, and with the United States, and the United Nations trying to help out, an agreement is hard to reach.

The violence, the history, the tradition of the conflict has deep ties into the society, something that is not easy to reach an agreement upon. Gaza is at the center of it all, but there are so many stories that go way beyond Gaza.

How the conflict started, and what is next for Israel and Palestine? The two countries reached an agreement in 2013 to form a government of both Hamas and Fatah, but the peace negotiations were suspended in 2014.

The documentary explores all the hidden truths behind the conflict, trying to find is there someone else who is behind all of these? How complex, or how simple the conflict is? Find out!

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Riyan H.