Reporters At War

Feb 10, 2024 | Military/War, News, Political, Videos

Reporters At War is a groundbreaking documentary series that chronicles the life and death of war correspondents who have dedicated their lives to bringing the truth about war zones to the public. Since the 90s, over 1300 journalists have been killed while delivering news from battle zones, and many of those deaths were deliberate attacks on these reporters.

The fatalities in the Iraq war surpass all other wars documented when it comes to journalist deaths. As an example, during the Vietnam War from 1963-1975, 63 journalists were killed. If the Iraq conflict had lasted as long as the Vietnam War, around 4500 journalists would have lost their lives.

Not only are these reporters in danger of losing their lives while covering wars, but they are also subjected to tremendous psychological trauma. Being exposed to this brutality for long periods of time can lead to nervous breakdowns, marital breakups, and alcoholism – just some of the results we witness firsthand in this documentary series.

The filmmakers also examine how technology has both helped and hindered journalism in war zones – making it easier for journalists to get news out more quickly while also providing opportunities for faking news footage. We discover how television coverage can also affect people’s perceptions of war events after an extended period of time.

This Emmy award-winning three-part series gives us an incredible insight into one of the most dangerous professions on earth and provides a platform for understanding how modern warfare affects us all. So if you’re looking for a strong story with hard truths about war then Reporters At War is definitely worth your time – don’t miss it!

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David B