The 12 Best Documentaries About Iraq War

Aug 20, 2023 | Best Of, Conspiracy, Crime, Military/War

The Iraq war is one of the most controversial military conflicts in recent history. It has caused immense suffering, deepening divides that to this day remain unresolved. But it also gave us a unique opportunity to understand the complexity of such an event from multiple perspectives – including those of its participants and victims on both sides.


1. Iraq War

The Iraq War was a complex conflict that left behind scars and memories still felt to this day. It’s hard to imagine that for almost 10 years, the world sat as this conflict unfolded before us. In many ways, the Iraq War has become a forgotten chapter in our history.


2. Truth, War and Consequences

Did America make an ill-fated decision to wage war on Iraq? In this 2003 documentary, FRONTLINE critically examines why the U.S. initiated a conflict in Iraq, what went wrong during the planning for the postwar occupation, and what were the consequences of going to war for both the citizens of Iraq as well as Americans.


3. Iraq War Veterans

Months after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, I embarked on a journey to document the gritty and real-life experiences of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment (known as the Gunners).


4. Iraq War Documentary

The War in Iraq has been one of the most controversial conflicts that our nation has ever seen, and it is now time to take a closer look at what led up to it. From false pretenses to lack of effective leadership, this documentary will explore all aspects of the war with an unbiased yet passionate lens.


5. Operation Iraqi Freedom

A powerful tale of the events that have shaped Iraq is told in the documentary “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Following a diverse group of individuals as they struggle to make sense of their lives amidst war-torn surroundings, this film captures the struggles of ordinary Iraqis and U.S. soldiers alike.


6. Iraq. 20 Years After Toppling Saddam

It has been 20 years since the US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, bringing an end to his brutal regime. However, while Hussein’s reign may be long gone, the country is still struggling with political instability and violence that have plagued it since the invasion.


7. How the British and Americans got it wrong

The Iraq War is a polarizing and complex topic within recent history. Since the invasion in 2003, there has been plenty of debate and analysis on the cause and effect of this war. In this documentary, we take an unprecedented look at how the British and American governments got it wrong when they invaded Iraq.


8. The Iraq War Media Story

WAR FEELS LIKE WAR is a unique story about human experience. It focuses on the war in Iraq, but it’s not just about politics – it’s about people. BBC Storyville commissioned and helped bring this powerful film to life, and since then it has been broadcast on PBS (POV) America, CBC, and around the world.


9. The Modern Day Holy War

The Iran-Iraq war was an event of immense devastation and horror. Nearly a million people perished, mostly civilians, during the eight long years of conflict. The use of chemical weapons, tank battles and trench warfare marked this as one of the deadliest wars in recent history.


10. Combat Diary Iraq

Introducing “Combat Diary Iraq”, a documentary film that dives deep into the everyday lives of US forces during their deployments to Iraq. As they fight wars in the Middle East, these brave men and women are faced with difficult choices and life-threatening situations on a daily basis.


11. The Worst War You Never Learned About

Johnny Harris is an Emmy-winning independent journalist and contributor to the New York Times. With a reach of over 3.5 million, his Youtube channel features interesting stories from both domestic and international settings. He is the creator of Borders for Vox Media, which has been nominated twice for an Emmy award.


12. The Cost Of America’s War On Terror In Afghanistan & Iraq

Trillions of dollars were spent on prosecuting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet the US government is now signing a deal with the Taliban. After years of conflict, the withdrawal of US troops left a largely untrained Afghan army to face off against their enemies. The aftermath has been devastating for many American veterans who are living with physical and mental scars from these wars.


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