Putin’s Revenge

Feb 4, 2024 | News, Political, Videos

It was election day 2016 and as Americans headed to the polls, United States intelligence agencies were on high alert. A multi-pronged effort was underway to influence the outcome of the election, with leaked emails, ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Google, and a massive campaign of trolling and spreading false news stories attributed back to Russian president Vladimir Putin. This was considered to be the most aggressive campaign ever mounted in US history–a sophisticated attempt to sway public opinion and disrupt the election process.

In response to these actions, a two-part documentary has been released that seeks to expose the truth about Putin’s interference in American politics. The documentary takes an in-depth look at the methods used by Russia in its attempts to influence US elections and examines how successful they were. It also delves into some of the diplomatic actions taken by both sides during this tense period.

The documentary features interviews from experts across a range of fields including political science, intelligence, cybersecurity, social media, economics and diplomacy. It provides unique insights into what happened during this tumultuous time through first-hand accounts from those who lived through it. With its vivid detail and powerful storytelling, this eye-opening documentary will give viewers a deeper understanding of one of America’s most contentious moments in recent history.

If you’re hoping for more insight into what happened between Putin and America during election day 2016, then this is definitely a must-watch documentary for you. It provides an enlightening look at one of the biggest power struggles between two world leaders in recent memory – one that should not be forgotten or overlooked. So don’t miss out on your chance to get behind-the-scenes access into one of modern history’s greatest international showdowns – watch “Putin vs The United States: Election Day 2016” today!

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David B