Preppers UK

Jan 31, 2024 | Social, Videos

Paranoid and delusional, or should the rest of you be prepping too? Preppers UK, a documentary on survivalism in the UK, introduces viewers to a unique group of individuals who are ready for anything—from mass civil unrest and terrorism to global economic collapse.

The documentary follows the lives of five preppers from Northern Ireland, Leeds, the Scottish Borders, and London as they prepare for any kind of disaster they may face. Tom leads the ‘A-Team’ of preppers in Northern Ireland—fellow born-again Christians Wayne, Clinton, and Craig—who are preparing for anything from mass civil unrest to possible terrorism. Zac from Leeds has ditched his three-bed terrace house in exchange for living off the grid out of fear of global economic collapse. Meanwhile Stuart from The Scottish Borders is as qualified as they come; having undergone extensive training and acquiring survival skills that make him prepared for any disaster.

Former paratrooper Richard is ready for anything with his street smarts: he can scavenge food on his housing estate and make tools from discarded junk. Interestingly enough Sam, perhaps the youngest survivalist featured in Preppers UK at only 12 years old, has bug-out bags ready for his family members without their knowledge.

With each subject’s individual fears and personal plans to survive whatever catastrophe awaits them, Preppers UK provides an enlightening look into some of Britain’s most resourceful individuals. A must-watch documentary if you’re curious about what it means to be a prepper today!

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David B