The 12 Best Documentaries on Ireland

Jul 29, 2023 | Best Of, History

Visiting Ireland is an experience like no other. From the stunning green hills to the vibrant pubs, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country. No matter where you go, you’ll be amazed by its surreal and misty landscapes that are perfect for nature lovers. If you travel north, marvel at the unique Giant’s Causeway or take a trip south to discover Ring of Kerry’s picturesque scenery. You can also explore the Emerald Isle or visit quaint towns and villages tucked away in rural parts of Ireland. Whatever your preference, come prepared to be enchanted by all that this incredible country has to offer!


1. Immerse Yourself in the Rugged Beauty of Ireland’s West Coast

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is a journey like no other. From the lush hills to the rugged cliffs, you’ll be immersed in a captivating escapade of beauty and adventure. And don’t forget about the locals – they will make your trip even more special with their delightful personalities! Make sure to watch this National Geographic documentary so you can experience it for yourself – it’s an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss out on!


2. The Ira and Women in Belfast

This documentary dives into the lives of women in Belfast and their experiences with the IRA. We follow filmmaker Brenda Parkerson as she meets Shauna, daughter of Caroline who was executed by the IRA for being a spy. Through this journey we explore the sociological conditions that allowed such crime to occur and gain an understanding of how life is like in Northern Ireland. Join us on this unique exploration of real-life stories that will leave you feeling inspired!


3. Brand Irish: Economy of Ireland

Discover how Ireland has become a global power with its iconic brand! From their vibrant people to their exceptional business acumen and educational opportunities, this film takes an in-depth look at the elements that have helped create “Brand Irish” – including emigration, contributions to culture and sport, the Irish language, political leadership, appreciation of food and drink, and social justice. With insights from Dara O’Briain Cecelia Ahern Sharon Corr Malachy McCourt Dr Louis de Paor Professor Liam Kennedy Dr Tim O’Connor Mayor of Seattle President of Ireland; find out why St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in almost every country or why Irish pubs can be found from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Explore the birth of ‘Brand Irish’ and learn how this tiny island made such an impressive impact on our world!


4. Divided and Damaged: Northern Ireland’s Peace Walls

This documentary takes us on a journey to explore some of the most iconic walls in the world, including Northern Ireland’s Peace Walls. Award-winning actor Matthew Rhys narrates this eye-opening documentary and interviews inspiring people who are fighting to end the damage caused by decades of hostility and division. From the US/Mexico border wall, to Berlin Wall before its demolition, Cyprus’ Green Line, Korean DMZ, Israel-Palestine Separation Barrier – this documentary will take you through all these relevant places with an interesting narrative!


5. The History of Ireland Part 1

Come and explore the fascinating history of Ireland! This documentary takes you on a journey through time to uncover how this beautiful country was shaped by migration, invasion, and other events. We will also look at the sad but inspiring story of Northern Ireland. Join us as we discover the colorful past of Ireland in Part 1 of this BBC Documentaries series!


6. History of Ireland

Ever wondered what the history of Ireland looks like? In this documentary, you can explore the country’s long and fascinating past. From its earliest beginnings to present day, every aspect of Irish history is covered in great detail – from the 3rd or 4th centuries all the way up to now. Get ready to be amazed by this comprehensive and well-researched documentary that will make everyone curious about other aspects of Ireland!


7. The Secrets Of Ancient Ireland’s Celtic Mythology

Explore the secrets of ancient Ireland’s Celtic mythology! Uncover the mysteries surrounding these gods and goddesses, which have been passed down through generations. Learn about their enduring stories and how they remain alive today. Dive into a world where mythological creatures come to life and uncover the truth behind one of Europe’s oldest cultures.


8. ONE ISLAND The Film

Brexit has brought a new wave of tension between British Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This 60-minute documentary dives into how Brexit has fuelled the Irish nationalist movement, as well as how realistic the dream of a united Ireland is today. We meet former enemies from both sides of the Troubles, radical republicans and those trying to make positive change – all sharing one island. From Belfast over (London)Derry to coastal town Drogheda, this film investigates five chapters that explore the current state of affairs in Northern Ireland post-Brexit.


9. Irish Origins – The Genetic History of Ireland

Explore the fascinating history of Ireland in this documentary! We uncover what life was like for early humans living in Ireland 33,000 years ago and trace their migrations from the north, east and south. Learn about how sea levels changed over time and exposed land bridges to Britain that may have been crossed seasonally or even by boat. We also examine two ancient DNA samples found in Limerick and Galway—one belonging to a Mesolithic man with black skin, brown hair and blue eyes—and another related to Cheddar Man from Somerset, England. Discover the secrets of Irish origins with us!


10. 12 Best Places To Visit In Ireland

Are you searching for the best places to visit in Ireland? With its world’s greenest landscapes and breathtaking scenery, this beautiful country has been brimmed with tourist attractions since a long time ago. In this video, explore some of the most stunning destinations Ireland offers! From natural wonders to historic landmarks – discover 12 must-see places that will soothe your mind and cleanse your soul. Learn about Irish culture, unforgettable experiences, and plan your next vacation today! Get ready to start exploring one of Europe’s most vibrant countries!


11. Older Than Ireland

Older Than Ireland is a remarkable documentary that tells the story of Irish history through the eyes of 30 centenarians who have lived through it all. From birth in the early days of independence to life in modern-day Ireland, these individuals have witnessed immense change and provide an unique look at life and its meaning. This film explores their journey, offering insight into the social, political, and technological changes they’ve seen over 100 years. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be older than Ireland itself!


12. The Great Irish Famine

The Great Irish Famine of 1845-1849 was a devastating event that changed the course of Irish history, and left an indelible mark on the world. This documentary explores the crop collapse and political decisions behind this tragedy, as well as its impact on Ireland’s population. It also examines how it sparked a wave of mass migration which spread Irish culture around the globe, particularly to America. Join us in exploring one of history’s most catastrophic events with this A&E cable channel documentary from 1996.

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