The 10 Best Documentaries About Zimbabwe

Oct 18, 2023 | Best Of, Geography, History

The African nation of Zimbabwe is a vast canvas for creative minds, with a beautiful landscape and fascinating culture. From its stunning wildlife to its vibrant cities, Zimbabwe has countless captivating stories to tell. And what better way to discover the country than through the lens of documentaries? These powerful films explore life in Zimbabwe from different angles, giving viewers an insight into some of its most pressing issues and inspiring stories. From poignant drama to comical tales, here are some of the best documentaries about Zimbabwe that everyone should watch. Enjoy! #1 The Zimbabwean Dream – This touching documentary follows a group of Zimbabweans who have been displaced by political unrest and poverty.


1. Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children: A Struggle for Survival

In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, life for many is a desperate daily struggle to scrape by. This is sadly the case for Grace, Esther and Obert, three children who bear the burden of providing for their families with little to no support. Everyday these youngsters battle immense hardship in a land that was once the jewel of Africa – poverty, lack of resources and crumbling infrastructure has taken its toll. Their story is heartbreaking, but they soldier on in the face of extreme adversity – striving to get enough money for school fees and find food sources to keep hunger at bay. Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children gives us an intimate look into their lives, showing viewers what it truly means to be a survivor.


2. Great Zimbabwe & The First Cities of Southern Africa

Getting acquainted with the history and culture of Zimbabwe? Look no further than MagellanTV for a wide selection of documentaries about this fascinating African nation. We have curated a list of some of the best stories that explore its people, politics, economy, and more. From award-winning features to archival footage, each documentary is sure to inform and entertain. Plus, MagellanTV is offering History Time viewers an exclusive one-month FREE trial. Click the link to get started and explore this nation’s past! From the gripping story of Robert Mugabe’s rise and fall to a portrait of contemporary Zimbabweans searching for a better life, these documentaries will give you insight into this country’s unique history and culture.


3. Harare, Zimbabwe ENG SUB

I have been to the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. A city with a reputation for being one of the worst places to live in the world surprised me with its vibrant energy. I decided to make a travel documentary on this African capital, from Rhodesian history to how locals have fun despite high inflation rates. The film will explore how the land reform went wrong and the special vibe that makes Harare so popular. I want to show Zimbabwe through my eyes and share with viewers the unique experiences I had during my time there.


4. Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamond Killing Fields

In 2009, Deadly Diamonds exposed the potential suspension of Zimbabwe from the global diamond trade after a massacre at their Marange diamonds fields. This documentary raised awareness to the issue and helped bring about much-needed change in how these minerals are mined and traded. It explored the history of this conflict and highlighted its impact on economies all over Africa. By delving into interviews with activists, miners, and government officials, the documentary provided a comprehensive look at how this diamond dispute has affected many.


5. Open Borders: South Africa / Zimbabwe

AfriForum has released a documentary film that shines light on the crisis of uncontrolled infiltration into South Africa along its border with Zimbabwe. Directed by Jacques Broodryk, the movie makes evident the numerous crimes caused by this lack of regulation and showcases volunteers’ unwavering dedication to protecting their neighbourhoods and farms from poachers. It further documents how criminals on the South African side of the border smuggle stolen vehicles into Zimbabwe and how the border fence itself has been stolen and sold for scrap metal. The situation is reaching a point of absurdity, but it is also an issue that demands attention.


6. Growing Up As Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Black/Current provides an inclusive platform to educate and entertain audiences with stories and perspectives of people from all backgrounds. We strive to create a space that highlights diverse voices, perspectives, cultures and experiences which are too often ignored or silenced. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of dialogue, exploration, and understanding when it comes to the topics of race and cultural identity. Through our documentaries, we provide viewers with an opportunity to gain insight into the lives of Black people in Zimbabwe and have a better understanding of their history, culture and current state of affairs. We hope this will inspire viewers to learn more about this beautiful nation and its people.


7. Finding Mercy: An Undercover Investigation in Zimbabwe

At the age of eight, Robyn Paterson and her best friend Mercy were a symbol of a new Zimbabwe. Representing two different skin colors, they welcomed Comrade Robert Mugabe with flowers as he arrived at a Zimbabwe air-force base. But behind this happy facade lies a dark reality – beyond this very spot, Mugabe’s special forces were brutally massacring the Matabele tribespeople. This gripping documentary takes a closer look at life during this era, and reveals how much has changed since then. From inspiring stories of resilience to heart-wrenching accounts of loss and suffering, it paints an unflinching picture of what Zimbabweans experienced under Mugabe’s regime.


8. The Lost City Of Zimbabwe

Hidden deep in the highlands of Sub-Saharan Africa lies a forgotten city – an ancient metropolis of stone walls, majestic and mysterious. For centuries, it has been shrouded in myth and controversy, with many believing that its construction was so exquisite and intricate that it must have been created by some higher power. But now, after years of disregard and destruction, modern archeologists and historians are beginning to uncover the true story of Great Zimbabwe – the first city built by Africans in southern Africa.


9. UnKNOWN African Food in Zimbabwe!!

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Traveling around Africa may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Zimbabwe is filled with some of the most breathtaking sights and experiences, and watching documentaries about this incredible country can bring you closer to the action. From stories of traditional customs and culture, to exploring the natural landscapes and wildlife that make up Zimbabwe’s diverse landscape, these documentaries will let you journey to this beautiful and sometimes misunderstood nation in Eastern Africa.

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