Preppers: Sweden bracing for the worst

May 31, 2023 | Military/War, People, Social, Videos

In a world of increasing uncertainty and unrest, people are seeking self-reliance and community resilience like never before. In the midst of this global trend, a small Nordic country stands out as a beacon of hope and preparation. This is Sweden, and its people are readying themselves for the worst-case scenario.
Against the backdrop of rising threats, a movement has emerged. Thousands of Swedes, from all walks of life, are carefully stocking supplies, learning survival skills, and training to protect themselves and their communities. They’re known as “preppers,” and they’re a force to be reckoned with. But who are these preppers, and how did they come to be? In a new documentary, get a glimpse into the lives of these everyday Swedes as they share their motivations, preparations, and fears. From fathers like Robin, who spends weekends in the forest with his kids, to Pär, a prepping course instructor who can barely keep up with demand, you’ll meet the real people behind the prepping movement. Get ready to be inspired, fascinated, and maybe even a little frightened as you learn how Sweden is preparing for a future that is increasingly unpredictable.

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David B