Ocean Stories 3 – Dolphins and Whales

Jun 14, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Videos

Ute Margreff and Florian Graner are two extraordinary people who share a deep love for the sea and its creatures. Ute, originally from Germany, resides on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, while Florian, also from Germany, lives in the Puget Sound area of the Northwest United States.

Ten years ago Ute’s life changed when she formed an unlikely bond with a female solitary dolphin named Mara. On the other side of the world, Florian found his own aquatic paradise right outside his front door. There he dives into a magical world full of sea lions, giant octopus and orca whales. Both Ute and Florian have dedicated their lives to protecting marine habitats in their own unique ways.

It is incredible that these two remarkable individuals forged such powerful connections to ocean life halfway across the world from each other – surely it’s worth seeing how this inspiring story unfolds! The documentary ‘Two Worlds: Ute & Mara & Florian & Orca’ takes viewers inside their incredible journeys into the depths of our oceans. Viewers will learn about Ute and Florian’s dedication to ocean conservation and witness first-hand how they bring awareness to this critical issue facing our planet.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating insight into two passionate people making a positive change in our oceans! Tune into ‘Two Worlds: Ute & Mara & Florian & Orca’ now!

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David B