The Best Documentaries About Orcas Or Killer Whales

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Witness the power and majesty of one of the ocean’s top predators: the orca. These majestic mammals, also known as “killer whales,” are fiercely social creatures with incredible diversity in their diets. With their sleek black-and-white coloring helping them to blend into their environment, orcas have no natural predator – making them apex hunters at the top of their food chain. From sea birds to seals and fish, these marine mammals feed on a wide variety of prey. If you’d like to learn more about these amazing creatures, then check out some of these documentaries about orcas!


Blackfish (2013)

Killer whales, also known as orcas, have long fascinated and captivated humans with their intelligence, social behaviors, and stunning beauty. These magnificent creatures are often portrayed as friendly giants in popular media, but the reality is much more complex. The documentary Blackfish delves into this complexity through the story of Tilikum, a performing whale who has caused multiple human fatalities while in captivity.





Invasion of the Killer Whales (1982)

The Arctic is undergoing a major transformation, and the impact is being felt across the entire ecosystem. With polar bears fighting for their survival as the ice disappears, another predator has risen to prominence. The killer whale, once a rare sight in these frigid waters, is now becoming a more familiar presence.






Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy (2013)

Follow the journey of Keiko, the beloved orca who captured hearts in the iconic film Free Willy. See how he went from being a captive performer to a rehabilitated ocean dweller. Witness his transformation as he gained over 3000 lbs, interacted with wild orcas, and even showed signs of attempting to mate in his natural habitat.






Killer Whales (2000)

As we journeyed through the frigid waves of the Crozet Islands, our cameras captured the captivating life of Delphine – a budding young killer whale in her natural habitat. We witnessed her trials and triumphs as she navigated the icy waters with her pod, honing her hunting skills and learning to survive in one of the harshest environments on Earth.






Long Gone Wild (2019)

In the vast ocean waters around the world, a dark reality lurks beneath the surface. Orcas, majestic creatures of immense strength and beauty, are being captured and held captive for the entertainment industry. Despite efforts to bring awareness and change to these practices, the exploitation of killer whales continues.






A Man Among Orcas (2002)

The Crozet Islands, a remote paradise in the midst of the tempestuous ocean. Home to some of the most resilient creatures on Earth – elephant seals and king penguins. As they battle against the unforgiving elements, killer whales lurk in the waters, ever ready to prey upon their unsuspecting targets.






The Best Free Documentaries About Killer Whales


1. Killer Whale Attack

This documentary dives deep into the fascinating and majestic world of killer whales. It uncovers the intricate relationship between orcas and their prey, as well as how they coordinate in a team when attacking. We also explore the human psychology aspect of this species, which is sure to leave you with an appreciation for these apex predators. Get ready to be amazed by what you’ll discover about killer whales!


2. The Dark History of Killer Whale Captures

This documentary is an eye-opening look into the dark history of killer whale captures. It takes us through the decades, from the 1960s to present day, and reveals how orcas were kidnapped from their natural habitats in order to be used as slaves in eight countries around the world. The film uncovers the ugly truth behind this cruel exploitation business and slave trade of orcas. We also get a glimpse into some community movements that have been fighting against orca captivity. Through this powerful documentary you will gain insight into what these majestic creatures have endured – and hopefully join in on creating a brighter future for them!


3. Highly Intelligent Orca: Killer Whales

This documentary sheds light on the plight of orcas, a highly intelligent species that is facing immense struggles due to human activities. Capturing these majestic creatures for entertainment and profit has left them stressed and depressed. But there is hope – by understanding their intelligence and leaving them in their natural habitat with their families, we can help prevent further harm from coming to them. Watch this powerful documentary today and get an insight into the lives of killer whales!


4. Do whales and humans speak the same language?

Ever wondered if whales and humans use the same language to communicate? This documentary dives deep into the ocean depths to explore this mystery. Using Artificial Intelligence, scientists are searching for patterns in orcas’ vocalizations and movements that could mean they have their own language model. For three years, researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg collected data on different orca pods. Watch this documentary as we uncover whether these marine predators share a common language with us!


5. Killer Whales – BBC National Geographic Orcas Documentaries

Come and explore the world of orcas with this stunning documentary! Killer Whales, also known as orcas, are found in all oceans across the globe. This documentary will take you deep into their habitat to discover how they hunt for food, interact with one another and survive in different environments. From tropical areas to Arctic and Antarctic regions, witness their incredible strength and beauty as they navigate the seas! Learn more about these majestic creatures through this BBC National Geographic production – Orcas Documentaries.


6. Killer Whales: Up Close and Personal

Follow Delphine, a young female adolescent killer whale, as she navigates the icy waters of the Crozet Islands. Learn how to hunt king penguins and Minke rorquals with her family group while witnessing their trial and tribulations. Experience firsthand getting stranded in order to catch sea elephants! This documentary provides an up close and personal look at this fascinating species.


7. The Insane Biology of: The Orca

Have you ever wondered about the biology of an Orca? This documentary takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of these majestic sea creatures. From their unique anatomy to their complex social dynamics, this video explores all that makes Orcas so incredible. Learn how they hunt and navigate the ocean depths, and discover why they remain one of nature’s most impressive predators!


8. How does an Orca learn to hunt?

Killer whales are renowned for their hunting prowess, but how do they learn the techniques and life skills needed to survive in the icy waters? Delphine, a young female adolescent killer whale provides us with some insight. Join us on this four-year journey as we watch her gradually learn how to find her bearings, hunt king penguins or Minke whales and even get stranded in order to catch sea elephants. Witness first hand what it takes for an Orca to become a master hunter!


9. Marine Mammals: Champions of the Deep


10. Why Orca Whales Are Close To Extinction

The Pacific Coast of the United States has been home to orca whales for years, but now their existence is threatened. In this documentary, renowned whale scientist Ken Balcomb shares his insights into why orcas are close to extinction – primarily caused by four dams impacting chinook salmon numbers. Learn how a scarcity of these essential fish is pushing the critically endangered southern resident orcas toward an uncertain future and what we can do to help protect them.


11. The Dark History of Killer Whale Captures

Discover the dark history of killer whale captures. From the 60s to the present, learn about how orcas have been kidnapped from their natural habitats and forced into captivity in marine parks around the world. This documentary reveals the names of those responsible for this cruel business, as well as listing out all 60 orcas currently being held captive in 14 different locations. It also explores how dynamic community movements are taking action against such exploitation and slave trade of these intelligent creatures. Finally, it examines why “Shamu show” displays animals with unnatural behavior that has no educational value other than showing human dominance over nature.


12. When a Shark Meets a Hungry Orca

Witness the incredible battle between a hungry orca and a shark! This amazing documentary follows their encounter as they fight for survival. Watch as one of nature’s most powerful predators takes on an apex predator that has been known to take down entire great white sharks! Get ready to witness this thrilling showdown in the open ocean, and see who will come out on top.

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