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May 16, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, People, Social, Videos

On the surface, Jamaica is a tropical island paradise in the Caribbean. However, there is an ugly side to this idyllic island that remains hidden beneath the tranquil facade. Jamaica boasts one of the highest murder rates in the world, with ghettos being the primary reason for this terrifying statistic.
At the heart of it all is Mountain View, the most notorious of all ghettos in Jamaica.  It’s a place where walking down a street can mean risking one’s life. Deadly gun battles and gang wars are part of the daily routine, with small communities in a state of constant war. The most infamous of all the gangs is South Clan that is known for their involvement in drug trade, contract killing, extortion, and kidnapping.
Around 500 people live in the South Clan community, presided over by a leader who goes by the name of “Evil.” They claim to protect their people from the bad guys, but the truth is that they themselves are the epitome of evil. Their favorite weapons are the Glock nine-millimeter, Beretta M-9, and the M-15 semiautomatic, which are all lightweight and deadly.
The Mountain View slum is a refuge for the poorest of the poor. The people here face unemployment, miserable living conditions, and a profound sense of hopelessness. Single mothers in the community are often left with no choice but to resort to prostitution as a means of survival, a heartbreaking reality that plagues the slum.
This is the story that is portrayed in the documentary. The raw and uncut footage takes the viewer on a disturbing journey into the world of violence and chaos that is Mountain View. The film is both an eye-opener and a wake-up call to the brutal reality of life in Jamaica’s ghettos.
If you are looking for a candid, unflinching look at the dark side of Jamaica, you cannot miss this documentary.

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David B