Eroticism, death and the devil – How Gothic art captivates us

Apr 28, 2023 | Art, Culture, Videos

Experience the daring art of the Gothic period with this captivating documentary that explores the fiery colors, eroticism, and raw power of this specialized art form. Delving deep into the history and impact of Gothic painting, viewers will be transported back 500 years ago to witness the creation of truly astonishing works like “Purgatory,” “Hell,” and “Paradise.”
With stunning imagery and engaging commentary by Gothic specialists, this documentary invites audiences to explore and appreciate the beauty and innovation of Gothic art. From the vivid colors and daring eroticism to the chilling horror and awe-inspiring monsters, the art of the Gothic period still captivates viewers to this day. Join us on this journey of art, history, and cultural exploration as we uncover the hidden secrets and fascinating stories behind the art of the Gothic period.

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David B