LSD – Microdosing LSD in the name of self-improvement

Jun 11, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

In the 1960s, LSD was legal and touted as a wonder drug by doctors. It was said to treat everything from depression to alcohol addiction. Today, a new generation of researchers, doctors and startup employees are experimenting with LSD once again, using microdosing as a tool for self-improvement.
In this provocative documentary, discover the truth behind the drug that has been alternately demonised and celebrated for over 50 years. From interviews with experts like LSD guru Paul Austin to footage of microdosers in Germany, the documentary explores the claims and controversies surrounding LSD. Can LSD really ease depression and anxiety? Is it a tool for self-improvement? Or is it a dangerous and unpredictable drug with the potential to cause serious harm? Tune in and find out.

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David B