What are the physical and Mental effects of Drug Abuse: Here is the Matthew Perry Story

Apr 24, 2023 | Articles, Health, People

Drug and alcohol abuse can take a heavy toll on one’s body and mind. At the beginning of every addiction, things appear to be normal. But with time, an addict starts to feel enslaved by the substance they abuse. No matter how hard one tries, overcoming addiction seems unsurmountable and all hope is lost.

Matthew Perry‘s story is evidence of the stranglehold of addiction that doesn’t spare even the rich and famous. The ‘Friends’ show star Matthew Perry, popularly known by his screen name Chandler Bing was trapped by his addiction to opioids and alcohol. Due to excessive substance abuse, he found himself on the deathbed, with doctors giving him only a 2% chance of survival. But miraculously, the Friend’s star escaped certain death and became an advocate for drug addiction counselling and rehab. His story reminds everyone suffering from addiction that things can go out of hand pretty fast if you do not quit bad habits soon.


The Matthew Perry Story: A Tale of Addiction, Downfall and Comeback

A startling fact about Matthew Perry’s drug addiction is that the TV star went to drug rehab 15 times and spent nearly $9 million on recovery. 

As most drug addicts give up on life after failing to quit their addiction, the Matthew Perry story has become an inspirational tale of addiction, downfall and comeback. His life is an example that if you try and try again, you will eventually succeed. Even the statistics back those who never give up – according to studies, 3 out of 4 people with substance abuse problems eventually recover, provided they do not give up.

Matthew Perry was hooked on drugs after he was prescribed pain-relieving medications by a doctor after he had a skiing accident on the movie set of ‘When Fools Rush In’ in 1997. Initially, Matthew Perry used the drugs judiciously, but eventually, he got addicted, and his consumption of Vicodin reached a whopping 55 pills per day. Unfortunately, Vicodin addiction was not the only evil shrouding the world of Mr Perry. He was also an avid drinker who drank a quartz of Vodka every day (almost 950 ml). 

Due to his alcohol and Vicodin abuse, he started experiencing visible side effects. In his own words, Matthew Perry said that when he was carrying weight, it was due to alcohol, and when he was skinny, it was due to pills. And, when he used to wear a goatee on his chin, it was because he took too many pills. 

Even the cast of ‘Friends’ were aware of his addiction and reminded him multiple times that he needed to quit. Matthew Perry tried 15 times by visiting rehab and eventually succeeded in overcoming the disease of addiction.  There are multiple options in front of you when selecting a clinic. Matthew Perry’s story underscores the importance of seeking help for drug abuse. If you or a loved one are struggling, consider enrolling in an online IOP treatment program for comprehensive support and guidance.


Drug Addiction Clinics are the Saviours of Society

Our lives are very precious as we only live once. But unfortunately, some people lose their way and stop cherishing life due to addiction. Although some people recover through family support and lifestyle changes, many, like Matthew Perry, cannot get rid of their habit, no matter how hard they try. For these people, drug addiction clinics are nothing short of godsend saviours.

Most of the top drug addiction clinics in the UK have a track record of rehabilitating 60-80% of patients. The number of lives transformed is actually lives saved from pain and misery caused by addiction. Apart from the people saved directly from rehabilitation, many others, like spouses, children, relatives and extended family, are saved indirectly when an addict recovers. Due to the role played by drug addiction clinics in helping the society, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that these clinics are actually the saviours of society.

Final Thoughts

Many people like Matthew Perry have come very close to losing their life due to their addiction. A lot of these people have tried a few times to give up their addiction but have given up entirely after facing debacles once or twice. To these people, Matthew Perry and his life is living proof of what can be achieved if you stay committed to beating addiction. So, whether you have never tried giving up an addiction or tried a few times and failed, you can always make another attempt and hope to succeed – and eventually, win over your addiction. 

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