Heavyweights With Unexpected Skills – Full Documentary

Aug 9, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Videos

The walrus is an iconic symbol of the Arctic region and its remarkable ability to survive in harsh conditions. With their powerful teeth and thick layer of fat, these heavyweights are well-equipped to take on the extreme conditions of their environment.

Jason Roberts, an Australian walrus specialist, has been living in Spitzbergen for many years and studying these animals up close. He takes viewers on a fascinating expedition to the 80th latitude in his documentary – an opportunity to observe walruses as they feed underwater like never before.

Walruses’ massive teeth are both a defensive weapon and a tool for rummaging through mud in search of snails, crabs, and clams. With few predators besides humans – even polar bears can be deterred by their formidable tusks – they thrive in this chilly landscape. However, those brave enough to follow Jason’s expedition will find themselves face-to-face with one of the rarest sharks: the Greenland shark.

Be transported from your armchair into this icy wilderness as you witness first-hand how these giants navigate their environment and uncover secrets about their behavior that have never been seen before. This gripping documentary provides us with incredible insight into these mysterious creatures that keep us captivated and enthralled, providing endless fascination for all who watch it.

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David B