The 10 Best Documentaries About Snails

Nov 13, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Do you ever feel like the world is moving too fast around you? If so, why not take a break and delve into the wonderful world of snails with these amazing documentaries. From learning about their anatomy to exploring their habitat, these movies are sure to captivate viewers of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the best documentaries about snails, and why they are so fascinating. Get ready to explore the wonderful world of snails with these captivating documentaries!


1. The Strange and Wonderful World of the ‘Snail Wrangler’

Snails fascinate us with their unique anatomy, behavior and life cycles. While they may not be the most popular animal to watch among humans, these slimy mollusks have been studied by scientists for centuries. There is so much to discover about snails that some of the best documentaries about them are ones which explore the complexities of their lives.


2. Snail Facts You Probably Didn’t Expect

Documentaries about snails provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures. From learning how they live and survive in the wild, to understanding their importance to ecosystems, these documentaries are great resources for those interested in aquatic life.


3. Relax with Snails, Frogs and Animal Families

There are some incredible documentaries out there about snails that take you on an amazing journey into the fascinating and surprisingly beautiful world of these small creatures. From close-up footage of their slow movements, to a look at how they interact with their environment, these documentaries open up a whole new perspective into the lives of snails.


4. The secret life of Snails

Snails, with their small and meek presence, have been overlooked for so long that they may not even get a second glance. But beneath its slimy exterior lies an amazing world of resilience and intelligence. A world waiting to be explored! That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile some of the best documentaries about snails out there.


5. George Was the Last of His Kind

For those who wish to learn more about the plight of Hawaii’s snails, there are several documentaries that provide in-depth looks into this important issue. From eye-opening stories of survival against all odds to heartbreaking accounts of extinction, these films have been praised for their powerful storytelling and attention to detail.


6. How to Care for Pet Snails!

Snails are fascinating creatures and can even make great pets. We provide you with the information you need to give them a safe, comfortable home. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at snails, there are several documentaries about them available to watch.


7. Why Snails Kill 200 000 People Every Year

Snails may seem like the most harmless creatures imaginable, but they can actually pack quite a punch. Documentaries have long attempted to shed light on the full range of snails’ capabilities. From exploring their incredible speed and agility, to discovering how they feed on such a variety of organisms with remarkable accuracy, these documentaries are sure to fascinate viewers of all kinds.


8. $10 Snail VS $120 Snail!!! Rare GIANT Seafood in Asia!!

If you’re looking for an eye-opening documentary, then you have to check out the latest one about snails! This incredible film takes viewers on a journey around Asia, where the filmmakers compare two types of snails: A $10 snail and a rare, giant seafood treat that costs up to $120.


9. Coral Killing Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Destroyed By Giant Snail

From New Zealand’s native giant land snail to the incredible variety of sea shells spread across the world’s oceans, there are so many unique species of snails to explore. The National Geographic documentary “Biggest, Baddest Snail” takes viewers on a journey to uncover secrets of the world’s biggest and most fascinating snails.


10. WHITE GOLD // South Africa’s most valuable snail

The documentary series “Snail Tales” is an engaging look into the complicated world of South African abalone. We follow Warren Witte’s journey to save this resource from extinction, as he reveals the struggle of illegal harvesting, the work of conservationists and the joys of abalone ranching.

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