The 6 Best Documentaries About Crabs

Nov 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

What an incredible topic to explore – documentaries about crabs! Who would have thought it could be so interesting? Follow along while we take a deep dive into the world of documentary filmmaking as it pertains to these amazing creatures. From the stunning visuals that capture their unique behavior, to the fascinating ocean life they inhabit, we’ll explore why these documentaries are so captivating. Dive in with us and discover some of the best crab documentaries in existence! From award-winning films to amateur shorts, there’s something for everyone when it comes to documentary films about crabs.


1. Gigantic Robber Crabs on Christmas Island

Crawling its way onto the top of the list is Gigantic Robber Crabs on Christmas Island. This documentary takes an up-close look at one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, the giant robber crab. A fascinating exploration into how these giant crabs survive by scavenging food and digging burrows in the forest floor, this documentary covers topics such as their unique.


2. Christmas Island Crab Migration Documentary

Christmas Island is home to a fascinating phenomenon: the annual migration of red crabs. This incredible event has been captured in this stunning documentary, which gives viewers an up-close look at the amazing journey these crustaceans take each year. From their mass exodus from the deep forests they inhabit to their perilous voyage across open country and beaches, this film showcases.


3. Best Documentary 2016 National Geogrpahic Animals Planet 2016 Christmas Island Crab Migration Natu

Looking for fascinating documentaries about crabs? Look no further than National Geographic’s Animals Planet 2016 special about the Christmas Island Crab Migration. This incredible documentary takes viewers along on a journey to sparsely populated Christmas island, which is home to an amazing spectacle – the annual migration of millions of red crabs heading from the forests to the sea in search of food. Seeing this captivating sight.


4.  Horseshoe Crabs: A Tale of Two Species – Nature Documentary #119

Horseshoe crabs have captivated humans for centuries, not only by their strange shape and unusual behavior but also by the fact that they are living fossils – having survived largely unchanged for over 450 million years. This Nature Documentary #119 dives deep into the world of horseshoe crabs and reveals a fascinating story about two species: the American Horsesh.


5. Hermit Crabs : A Shelled Miracle

Hermit Crabs are a incredible species of crustacean that have survived for millions of years. They possess an amazing ability to regenerate and build new shells around them, adapting to their environment as they move through it. This documentary takes viewers on a journey through the lives of these fascinating creatures, from their unique life cycles to their relationships with humans.

6. The Journey of Crabs 01: From South to North

Discover the incredible journey of crabs as they travel vast distances from South to North in this fascinating documentary. Follow these remarkable creatures as they bravely traverse some of the world’s toughest and most trecherous waters, all in search of new homes. Watch how their behaviour changes each season, with some migrating for extended periods while others stay close to home. Learn about the.


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