Germans at the end of Merkel’s grand coalition

Aug 8, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The Dissatisfied?” is a compelling, nuanced documentary that critically assesses Angela Merkel’s 16-year-long leadership in Germany. It presents an in-depth yet surprisingly positive account of the Merkel era, surveying numerous social conflicts, fears of a societal schism, and growing dissatisfaction among the public with the government and politics.
The documentary provides a critical view of the statistical data, portraying the enormous disparities in Germany’s society, including rising school-dropout rates, economic disparity, and significant disparities in life expectancy, especially in poorer neighborhoods. It raises the critical questions of who has benefited from positive developments in Germany and who has lost, exploring the reasons behind the discontent of the farmers and the polarizing opinions of mining and climate activists. “The Dissatisfied?” is an excellent watch for anyone interested in a well-rounded overview of the Merkel era’s social impact.

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David B