Social Anxiety – Afraid of People

Jan 9, 2023 | Drugs, Health, Lifestyle, Science, Videos

Mental Health is one of the raging health discussions of the 21st century – Millions of people live everyday in silence and fear of the stigma associated with mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Social Anxiety is the 3rd most common mental health disorder in America after depression and drug abuse. So what does it feel like to suffer from this disorder? how does it affect families? What causes it in terms of science – biology and chemicals and in the brain? And what treatment is available? This documentary takes a close look at the people who suffer from social anxiety along with experts views and knowledge on how those struggling with this relatively common condition can manage to cope and thrive in their daily lives. If you’re interested in watching another documentary with close ties to mental health, we strongly recommend Bobby Fischer Against The World – The story of a genius chess grandmaster and champion.

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Riyan H.