Fakes in the art world – The mystery conman

Jun 2, 2023 | Art, History, People, Social, Videos

The world of art is often perceived as one of the most elegant, refined and sophisticated environments. But lurking in the shadows of this world is the seedy underbelly of counterfeiting. Contrary to what most would like to believe, the world of art is not immune to fraudulent activity, and few are as talented at it as the conman at the center of this story.
THE MYSTERY CONMAN – THE MURKY BUSINESS OF COUNTERFEIT ANTIQUES is a documentary that delves deep into the art world’s dirty secrets, exposing a mystery figure perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in art history. This elusive and slippery figure has fooled some of the most respected museums and art collectors in the world, but will he be able to continue his streak of deception? Archaeologist Stefan Lehmann thinks not, and he’s determined to unravel the secrets behind the forgery trail. Join him and antique dealer Christoph Leon as they embark on a riveting journey through Europe and the US to expose this mysterious conman, and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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David B