Dig Into the Secrets of Body Language – The Mystery Dissected

Mar 25, 2023 | People, Science, Videos

A gesture can hide a lie, a walk can show power, and a grip can show your status and reputation in society. Body language can be described as the biggest mystery in the world, the most underrated and the most overrated thing. The truth is somewhere in between.

You’ve probably heard the saying “my mind says one thing, but the heart another”. Well, it is same with your language. Your mouth might be saying one thing, but the body is saying another.

If you’ve been intrigued by body language and its mysteries, take a look at the documentary in which experts will try to weigh in and dissect micro expressions and common body language tells.

We live in a world where what we say is extremely important. We repeat and hear over and over the messages by presidents, prime ministers, celebrities and our friends and family. But are you getting the whole message? The documentary won’t make you an expert in body language, that takes years and years of practice.

However, you can see some of the common tells that you might anticipate and notice next time. No matter if someone is lying to you or trying to deceive you, their body language will tell even when their words won’t.

One can safely say that body language is a science of its own, and people rarely get it completely.

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Riyan H.