Exploitation of the Arctic: The End of Fishing? | Ice Race

Jul 22, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Arctic is one of the world’s most critical larders; however, it is under threat. Melting ice is opening up vast natural resources, leading to increasing exploitation of the region. Unfortunately, this is happening at the expense of the earth’s most vulnerable ecosystem. The melting ice compounds the challenges being faced, with dying fish, oil spills, and global warming threatening the delicate balance of the ocean and its surrounding areas.
As explained in the documentary, “Predatory Activities,” climate change and increased petroleum activities would cause significant changes in current hunting and fishing patterns. This would create new tension in the fragile administration of the northern areas. The question then arises- what challenges are we facing, and how will these affect current fishing activities? Will the nations involved manage to cooperate?
The harrowing reality is that previous predatory activities in the Arctic have left a mark for all eternity. Basic hunting methods caused whales and fish to go extinct. With the ice melting, this vulnerable area is at greater risk as high-tech trawlers, global oil companies, and giant supertankers continue to head northward in pursuit of resources.
It is a race that has begun in earnest, and yet, our knowledge of the region is better than ever before. With this new knowledge, we have a critical opportunity to look after this vulnerable area and prevent the exploitation that occurred before.

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David B