Google, Facebook, Amazon – The rise of the mega-corporations

May 12, 2023 | Media, Social, Technology, Videos

Amidst the growing power and influence of mega-corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, there is a brewing storm that threatens to upend Western democracies. The pandemic only served to strengthen the grip of these corporations, driving them to take command of our data and influence public policy through sheer economic might. But are these multi-billion dollar powerhouses out of control? Are they above the law?
As the line between state power and corporate power grows ever more foggier, many experts and critics alike are beginning to raise concerns over the violations of antitrust laws, systematic data exploitation, and other questionable business practices. Some states have even given up trying to rein in these giant corporations. From the United States to Europe, there are those who are ready to take them on – but are the corporations ready to fight back? Find out in the thrilling new documentary that delves deep into the heart of the power struggle between democracy and corporate might.

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David B