Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis?

May 11, 2023 | Nature, People, Social, Videos

In a world that’s grappling with its carbon footprint, green hydrogen appears to be the silver bullet that we need to stave off the climate crisis. Its proponents claim that it’s the miracle solution that can help countries around the world decarbonize their economies. But is green hydrogen the big hope for the future or a multi-billion euro mistake?
The documentary “Green Hydrogen: Solution or Mirage?” takes us along the epic journey to find the answer to this question. From the German Aerospace Center’s artificial sun to highways in California set up for hydrogen-fueled cars, we explore the technology that runs on renewable energy and emits nothing but water vapor. With voices from across the spectrum, from engineers and scientists to environmentalists and skeptics, the documentary lays bare the challenges and immense promise of green hydrogen. Is it the key to limiting global warming or a pipe dream? Watch the gripping tale of innovation and ambition as we search for the truth behind the hype surrounding green hydrogen.

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David B