Exorcisms: The Battle for Young Minds

Dec 3, 2023 | Religion, Videos

Padre Manuel Acuna has become a controversial figure in the eyes of both believers and skeptics alike. His faith healing methods have been called into question, with many people wondering if he is a legitimate healer or simply a charlatan. Now, journalist Andrew Gold endeavors to uncover the truth in his new documentary Exorcisms: The Battle for Young Minds.

The film follows Acuna as he works with young people who are struggling with mental health issues. One of these individuals is a 17-year old girl who has been facing self-harm and bulimia, and she hopes that an exorcism will help her deal with her ordeal. We also meet several members of Acuna’s parish, who view him as someone who acts out of faith and goodness. But at the same time, there are questions about how donations and sales from his spiritual gift shop are used when his staff remains unpaid.

As Gold continues to investigate the validity of Acuna’s methods, tensions rise between him and the priest. Despite initially welcoming Gold’s camera presence, Acuna begins evading questions that may reveal inconsistencies or nagging doubts about his practice. This culminates in an intense exchange between filmmaker and subject that serves as the powerful conclusion for the documentary.

Exorcisms: The Battle for Young Minds is an important document of investigative journalism that should not be missed by anyone interested in exploring faith healing practices around the world. Through this real life story we gain deeper insights into what it takes to determine what is authentic versus fraudulent when it comes to matters of religion and spirituality. Watch it today and join Andrew Gold on this journey to find answers!

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David B