PLS/ALS Healing Session with Rob Wergin

by May 19, 2023Health, People, Videos

Rob Wergin is a healer with extraordinary gifts and techniques, who is featured in the documentary HEAL. In this compelling film, he reveals the incredible power of our minds, thoughts, emotions and perceptions to heal our bodies.

The documentary features an awe-inspiring display of his talents when Wergin uses his skills to help Sarah, a woman who had been diagnosed with PLS (Progressive Muscle Weakness). This rare neuromuscular disorder can cause debilitating symptoms such as fatigue and muscle weakness, leading to limited mobility and quality of life.

In an astounding show of faith and trust, Sarah let Wergin use his unique healing approach on her – and the results were miraculous. Within moments of his touch her pain was gone, her energy levels increased considerably, and she felt completely renewed. The documentary’s camera captured her beaming smile as she moved freely for the first time in years.

Witnessing this powerful event urges us to recognize the potential within ourselves to heal our own bodies through mindfulness and intentionality. We are reminded that we are capable of creating profound change in our lives if we open our minds to all possibilities.

HEAL is a must-see film that offers a glimpse into a world beyond medical interventions where healing comes from within us – it’s a world that deserves exploration by anyone wanting real transformation in their lives. By watching this thought-provoking documentary we become inspired to tap into our inner power and create

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