Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children”

Aug 5, 2023 | Activism, Social, Videos

In southeastern Nigeria, it is common for children to be accused of being witches, resulting in extreme neglect and harm. Aid organizations estimate that thousands of boys and girls face this accusation annually, often by their own parents. In some Christian churches, these superstitious beliefs are perpetuated to the extent that self-proclaimed healers earn good money performing exorcism rituals.
David Umen and his wife Anja Lovén have taken the initiative to fight against this witch craze. They give the young victims a new home but these boys and girls battle to cope with the trauma of being abused and abandoned by their own parents. The documentary takes you on the journey to southeastern Nigeria to witness firsthand the plight of these young victims and the efforts of David Umen and Anja Lovén in their mission to bring attention to the issue of child witchcraft accusation and promote the rights of the children who suffer from this belief.

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David B