Chevron, one of the largest oil giants in the US, is featured in a riveting documentary called Crude: The Real Price of Oil. This documentary takes an incredibly close look at the devastating effects that oil production can have on our planet and its inhabitants. In 1993, over thirty thousand Ecuadorans sued Chevron for illegally dumping oil and toxic waste products into their rainforest – a consequence of their operations that had devastating consequences to the environment and local communities.

The documentary examines this situation on-the-ground, going deep into one of the most impacted areas to showcase how destructive Chevron’s practices were for those living there. It also covers many other calamities caused by the overproduction of fossil fuels around the world – from climate change to political corruption. By examining these issues through personal stories and interviews with local people, activists, politicians and experts, it creates a more vivid understanding of how these problems have developed over time and what needs to be done to reverse them.

This is a must-watch documentary as it sheds light on highly relevant topics that affect us all in some way. Rather than simply listing facts or data points it puts faces to these issues and invites us into the conversation – demonstrating real human stories behind them that make them more tangible and relevant. With its focus on capturing both sides of this complex story it also offers a balanced viewpoint which allows viewers to form their own opinions about what happened in Ecuador and how we should go about tackling similar challenges in our own lives today. So if you’re looking for an educational yet moving experience then Crude: The Real Price of Oil will provide just that!