Bronson: Britain’s Most Dangerous Prisoner

Jul 27, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Charles Bronson, Britain’s most feared prisoner, is the subject of numerous documentaries and books. Born Michael Peterson in 1952, he was a kind-hearted child growing up in a small council house in Luton, England. His father Joe ran a decorating business and the family was respectable and law-abiding. However, as Michael grew older, he started to have brushes with the law. Eventually expelled from school due to misbehavior and petty theft, his life took an unexpected turn when he was sentenced to seven years in prison for armed robbery in 1974 – only having a few fleeting weeks of freedom between his crime and incarceration.

Since then Charles Bronson has spent a quarter of a century behind bars – although he has never killed anyone. He is now known for being both aggressive and dangerous at times, capable of incredible destruction; yet also displaying great charm, warmth and humor. But what caused Michael Peterson to become Britain’s most notorious prisoner?

This question is explored in depth by award-winning director Daniel Vernon’s documentary ‘Charlie Bronson: The Making Of A Monster’. Through exclusive access to Charles’s drawings, interviews with family members and prison wardens plus insight from psychiatrists, Vernon delves into the troubled mind of Britain’s longest-serving prisoner who achieved near mythical status before his release from jail in 2018.

This one-of-a-kind documentary provides an important exploration into the complexities of human behavior and psychology through the life story of one man’s journey from victimization to victimizer. By getting a more holistic view into Charles Bronson’s life we can gain deeper understanding into how circumstances shape our lives as well as what it means to be a criminal in society today. It is truly an eye opening cinematic experience that will stay with you long after watching it.

We highly recommend watching ‘Charlie Bronson: The Making Of A Monster’ – it is an absolute must see for anyone interested in learning more about Charles Bronson or justice systems worldwide!

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David B