Capitalism: A Love Story

Jul 1, 2024 | Social, Videos

Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story is an expository documentary that dives into the devastating effects of corporate control on everyday people. Examining the issue through a deep dive into Middle America, Washington DC and Manhattan, this documentary serves as Michael Moore’s most ambitious attempt to uncover the hidden cost of capitalism in America.

The film brings up tough questions about the price we pay for our love affair with capitalism, highlighting the lives of ordinary individuals who have been adversely affected by it. Unemployed workers, people whose homes have been taken away and those who have lost their savings—Moore uses their stories to draw our attention to 14,000 jobs being lost every day. Full of humor and outrage, this captivating documentary ultimately encourages viewers to reflect on our behavior and ask ourselves if our current pursuit of capitalism is worth its consequences.

It is only through watching Capitalism: A Love Story that one can understand how greed has caused so much chaos in contemporary society. Plus, the exploration of what a more hopeful future could look like provides viewers with hope for a better tomorrow. Fans of Michael Moore’s works will not be disappointed as this movie combines his previous documentaries into one thought-provoking experience. For those looking for an insightful opinion about today’s economy (or lack thereof), Capitalism: A Love Story is a must watch!

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David B