Lithuania’s fence on Kaliningrad border

Jul 18, 2023 | People, Political, Videos

Lithuania has taken drastic steps to protect its border against smugglers, and potentially, against Russia itself. The country has erected a two-meter-high fence, stretching along the border to Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast, to prevent unauthorized access. This new development stems from the country’s concerns over Russia’s increasing aggression in the region. The decision is a bold move, marking Lithuania’s attempt to push back against its powerful neighbor.
This ambitious undertaking is the subject of a new documentary, exploring the complex web of politics and diplomacy that surround Lithuania’s efforts to secure its borders. The film dives into the country’s history with Russia, ranging from a shared Soviet past to the growing tensions of the present day. Through the perspectives of politicians, experts and local citizens, the documentary uncovers the challenges and significance of the fence’s construction, and the larger implications for the region’s political landscape.

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David B