The Suicide Tourist

May 7, 2024 | Health, Videos

The Swiss organization Dignitas, founded by Ludwig Minelli, has been at the center of a major international debate over the right to die. For the past year, Canadian documentary filmmaker John Zaritsky has had remarkable access to document this unique place and its clients. Dignitas is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and it is the only place in the world where people from any country or with any type of medical condition can receive assistance in suicide.

Zaritsky’s forthcoming documentary offers an insightful and unique perspective on this emotive subject. Through his captivating lens we gain insight into the inner lives of Dignitas’ members as they make their individual choices to end their own lives. It provides an incisive look into both the ethical implications of assisted death, as well as a powerful exploration of personal autonomy and self-determination.

This eye-opening film is essential viewing for anyone interested in debates around assisted death and the ongoing struggle for personal rights. It serves as an important reminder that such decisions should not be made lightly or without respect for those involved. We urge all viewers to watch this thought-provoking documentary and come to their own conclusions about this highly contested issue.

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David B