How the elite police force RAB terrorizes the people of Bangladesh

Jun 8, 2023 | Military/War, Social, Videos

Death comes knocking when the men in black arrive – the Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a highly trained and well-equipped police unit. Though initially founded in 2004 to combat terror and crime, the RAB has been shrouded in controversy for years, with accusations of widespread human rights violations. Despite these serious allegations, Western countries including the United States continued training and funding the RAB until as recently as 2018, and only after the imposition of sanctions in late 2021 did this crucial funding come to an end.
Now, in the gut-wrenching documentary by DW and Netra News, insiders of the RAB reveal, for the first time ever, the horror that takes place, backed by the highest political levels in Bangladesh. Systematic murder, torture and abductions have all been occurring with the explicit involvement of prominent officials. An investigative work by Chris Caurla, Naomi Conrad, Arafatul Islam and Birgitta Schülke, the documentary is sure to leave you stunned and questioning the actions of governments that fund and support such abuse, while millions continue to suffer.”

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David B