Guardians of the New World: Inside the World of Hacker Culture

Aug 20, 2023 | Technology, Videos

In a world where the internet was once thought to be a safe haven for the free flow of information, the documentary Guardians of the New World delves into the shadowy world of hacker culture. Emerging from countercultural movements, hackers are often portrayed as saviors or threats to governments and civilian security.
From the emergence of the internet, hacking has become more prominent and governments are starting to see the dangers posed to online security. The documentary explores how the new digital revolutionaries are being thrown behind bars or tortured in Syria, while hackers in other countries do their best to support them and keep their networks secure. Guardians of the New World gives insight into this often-misunderstood subculture, with the aim of creating context and awareness of this ongoing war being fought behind closed doors in bedrooms and living rooms across the world.

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David B