Beautiful Minds: The Einstein Effect

Jul 13, 2023 | Science, Social, Videos

Savants are a uniquely gifted group of individuals who possess extraordinary mental abilities far surpassing the norms of society. Experts estimate that there are fewer than 100 of these remarkable talents in the world today, and many are autistic or have acquired their capabilities as a result of brain injury.

These super-human talents range from being able to accurately recall entire book passages after hearing it only once to having an uncanny knowledge of dates, places and events. Some can solve complex five-digit multiplication problems in their head, while others can play a piano piece flawlessly after hearing it just once.

The mystery surrounding savants and their capabilities has led scientists to investigate whether genius is in fact a defect which some individuals possess. Could great minds such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart all have been on the autism spectrum? With advanced technology now available to observe billions of neurons at work in the brain, experts are closer than ever before to uncovering this secret.

Delve deeper into the intriguing relationship between genius and autism with “The Savant Syndrome” – an inspiring documentary about these remarkable minds and the powerful dreams they hold within them. Prepare to be enthralled by stories of astonishing savants who embody hope for a greater understanding of what it means to be human.

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David B