The 10 Best Documentaries About Isaac Newton

Dec 8, 2023 | Best Of, People, Science, Technology

Isaac Newton’s impact on science and the modern world cannot be overstated. From laying out the origin of gravity to inventing calculus, his contributions are still felt today. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that there have been several documentaries made about him over the years – each exploring different aspects of his life, work, and influence. Here at DocuVibe, we’ve collected some of the best films about Isaac Newton so you can learn more about him and his incredible accomplishments.


1. Full Docmentary – Secret Life of Isaac Newton – Full Documentaries Films

Step into the remarkable life of Isaac Newton and unravel how he became one of history’s most revered scientists. DocuVibe takes you on a journey to uncover his secretive world, from his childhood in rural England to his greatest contributions to mathematics, physics, and astronomy. Explore fascinating archival footage that illustrates his pioneering discoveries in science and technology, as well as interviews.


2. The Dark Secrets of Sir Isaac Newton – A Hidden Life – Full Documentary

DocuVibe is proud to bring you The Dark Secrets of Sir Isaac Newton, a fascinating documentary that uncovers the hidden life of one of history’s most prominent figures. This captivating look at Newton reveals some of his least understood secrets and provides insight into a man whose genius has rarely been seen before. The documentary starts off with an overview of.


3. Isaac Newton Mystery Files Forever by National Geography

DocuVibe presents National Geographic’s Isaac Newton Mystery Files Forever – a creative exploration into the life and times of this renowned scientist. This documentary will take you on an extraordinary journey through the works of Newton, uncovering mysterious and little-known secrets about his life and discoveries. As we delve deeper into his world, we’ll be presented with thought-provoking questions.


4. The Dark Heretic: Isaac Newton – 2 Theories Of Gravity

Explore the world’s most famous physicist, Sir Isaac Newton and his two theories of gravity. This documentary uncovers why he formulated them and how they shaped our understanding of the physical universe. From alchemy to mathematics, witness how Newton fundamentally changed natural philosophy.


5. Brilliant Minds, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking Documentary Film

Viewers looking for an insight into the minds of some of the greatest scientific minds in history will find DocuVibe to be an intriguing experience. Follow renowned scientists Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Hawking as they come alive through beautifully-crafted storytelling and captivating visuals. Covering topics such as physics, mathematics, science and astronomy – each documentary is packed with thought.


6. Biography of Isaac Newton | History | Lifestyle | Documentary | Newton laws | Newton Apple tree

DocuVibe presents the captivating story of one of the most influential scientists in history. Follow Isaac Newton, as we delve into his life, his works and his legacy – from the apple tree that sparked the theory of gravity to laws that govern motion and nature. Witness a man who changed how we view our world forever. Experience Newton’s remarkable journey through engaging interviews.


7. The World of Isaac Newton

DocuVibe: Explore the World of Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton is one of history’s greatest minds – and his impact on the world can still be felt today. From physics to mathematics, from astronomy to philosophy, he developed groundbreaking theories that have shaped our understanding of science and beyond for centuries. Now, with DocuVibe you can explore the life.


8. Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley

DocuVibe takes you on a journey through the lives of some of the greatest scientific minds of all time. From the brilliant Christopher Wren to the revolutionary Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle, explore how these men changed our understanding of science and nature. Then dive into the life of Isaac Newton – one of the most influential figures in modern history! Discover his groundbreaking theories.


9. The Clockwork God: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe – Professor Alister McGrath

DocuVibe presents: The Clockwork God. A documentary about the enigmatic genius of Isaac Newton and his fascination with the mechanical universe. Follow Professor Alister McGrath as he takes us on a journey through centuries of science, uncovering the remarkable life and work of one of history’s greatest thinkers. From his groundbreaking discoveries in mathematics, astronomy, and physics to his pioneering work.


10. Isaac Newton Newton’s Dark Secrets Documentary

It’s time to get up close and personal with Sir Isaac Newton – the revolutionary genius of the 17th century. DocuVibe takes you on a journey into Newton’s life, exploring his scientific breakthroughs, dark secrets, and profound influence on modern science. From examining how he discovered gravity to uncovering his turbulent relationships with contemporaries like Gottfried Leibniz.


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