Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution

Jun 23, 2024 | History, Social, Videos


Auschwitz is a place of immense tragedy and sorrow, as it was the site of one of the largest mass murders in human history. This 6-part documentary series by award-winning filmmaker Laurence Rees examines the camp from its early days to its terrible end, revealing many insights into the Nazi philosophy and methods behind their campaign of extermination.

The first episode, “Surprising Beginnings”, looks into how Auschwitz was originally meant for a purpose other than what it eventually became known for – the killing of over one million Jews. Through new research and intriguing perspectives, this film offers a unique look at what truly happened during this dark period of human history.

This documentary is an essential watch for anyone looking to understand more about this part of our past, no matter your religious or ethnic background. It gives an up-close examination on not only what happened in Nazi Germany but how it happened, showing us that these atrocities were not merely random acts committed against Jews but part of a larger plan orchestrated by those in power.

It is only through understanding events like this that we can ensure they never happen again. This powerful series will draw you in with its compelling narrative and provide valuable insight into one of the darkest times in human history. Make sure to watch Auschwitz – The Nazis & The Final Solution today!

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David B