The 10 Best Documentaries About Auschwitz

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Documentaries have the power to bring history alive and offer us a glimpse into the lives of people from different times. One such subject that has been captured on film for generations is the Holocaust. From personal stories of survivors to detailed investigations into Nazi camps, here are seven of the best documentaries about Auschwitz. With these films, we can learn more about this dark chapter in history and remember those who perished there. From stirring first-hand accounts to incredible archival footage, these documentaries offer unparalleled insight into one of the most heartbreaking events in human history. Everyone should take the time to watch them and reflect on the atrocities that occurred at Auschwitz.


1. Life In Auschwitz: The Extraordinary Stories Of Six Survivors

In this powerful documentary, six female Holocaust survivors share their extraordinary stories. Each of the women featured were prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau and came from vastly different backgrounds. One had been the daughter of labor activists, another was studying to become a nurse, and one more was a child of a Prague industrialist. Their individually harrowing journeys are made all the more touching and real as the film juxtaposes current interviews with archival footage. The survivors courageously recall how they were able to stay hopeful in the face of immense suffering and ultimately persevere. Through their stories, we are shown that even in unspeakable darkness, light still manages to exist.


2. Auschwitz One Day

Auschwitz was established in 1944 as a central concentration camp for Jews in Germany. It is now possible to hear the firsthand accounts of those who experienced the horror that transpired there. Viewers gain an insight into what motivated those who perpetrated such atrocities against Jews, Gypsies and other persecuted groups. This collection of documentaries provides an emotional, powerful and often harrowing look at the tragedy of Auschwitz. Through compelling interviews and archival footage, a vivid picture is painted of an unimaginably cruel part of history that must never be forgotten.


3. Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence

The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is widely considered one of the most significant symbols of Nazi terror. But, it’s also a site of remarkable photographic documentation from both before and after liberation. Captured by Allied air forces, these images offer an unprecedented look at the scale and scope of one of the greatest tragedies in modern history. But this photographic evidence also raises challenging questions: if these images existed, why weren’t the concentration camp destroyed? Could more have been done sooner to save lives?


4. Auschwitz From The Air (WW2 Documentary)

The camp of Auschwitz has become a symbol for the horror and genocide that occurred in Europe during the second world war. The gas chambers, execution wall, guard towers and security fencing left an indelible mark on history as a reminder of man’s inhumanity to man. On April 4th 1944 an American reconnaissance aircraft captured aerial photographs of the infamous camp which revealed the four years of suffering and death that had taken place there. Auschwitz From The Air is an exclusive that combines the emotional memories of those who experienced the camp with a forensic analysis of its shocking processes. It invites viewers to contemplate difficult questions such as why didn’t Allied aircraft destroy the concentration camps while they could photograph them in detail?


5. Witnesses to the Holocaust: Auschwitz

The MCHE features survivors of Auschwitz from the Kansas City area who share their emotional stories of survival. Through these testimonies, viewers gain a better understanding of the Holocaust and its tragic consequences. From heart-wrenching accounts of loss to inspiring tales of strength, this paints a vivid picture of life in the concentration camp and gives rise to questions about how such a tragedy was allowed to happen. For those who are interested in learning more about this period of history, the MCHE offers an immersive and deeply moving experience. It is truly one of the best documentaries about Auschwitz.


6. The holocaust Auschwitz 2015

Auschwitz is a word that evokes strong emotion and triggers deep contemplation. With its dark history of genocide, pain, suffering and death, it is one of the most notorious sites in the world. The best documentaries about Auschwitz provide an eye-opening look into this complex event and its aftermath. From feature length films to television documentaries, these powerful documentaries will give you a unique insight into the history and legacy of Auschwitz.


7. Auschwitz Secrets of the Dead – Full – Docu Gods

Rudolf Vrba, a Slovak-Jewish biochemist, was born on 11 September 1924 and lived an unassuming life until his deportation to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. At just 18 years old, Vrba arrived at the infamous gates of Auschwitz where he witnessed firsthand one of the darkest moments in human history.Despite the terror and suffering of the camps, Vrba and hundreds of other survivors persevered to tell their stories. In 1944, he and another Auschwitz prisoner named Alfred Wetzler wrote a report on what they had seen in the camp. This report provided the first detailed account of conditions in Auschwitz and was instrumental in helping spread awareness about Nazi atrocities across Europe.


8. Execution of Irma Grese – The Hyena of Auschwitz – Nazi Guard at Auschwitz & Bergen-Belsen – WW2

Irma Grese was born on 7th October 1923 in a broken home. Her father Alfred Grese was a strict Christian who believed in discipline and often used physical force to enforce it. When Irma was 13 years old, her mother committed suicide after discovering her husband’s affair with a young woman from the local pub. As a result of this turbulent upbringing, Irma had a troubled adolescence. Yet, her life took an unexpected turn when in 1943 at the age of 20 she joined the Nazi party and was soon appointed as a guard at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.


9. Why We Work at Auschwitz – 4K

Auschwitz has become synonymous with the atrocities of Nazi Germany. It was a complex consisting of three camps, constructed in 1940 and would eventually go on to be the largest killing machine operated by the Nazis. An estimated 1.1 million people lost their lives in Auschwitz, making this one of history’s darkest tragedies. As such, it is no surprise that there have been numerous documentaries produced about this dark time in history. They serve as a reminder of the evil that men can do, and also help us make sure such atrocities are never repeated.


10. From Auschwitz to Jerusalem

The horrors of the Holocaust are not easily forgotten. Approximately six million Jews perished in the Nazi death camps, and Auschwitz was seen as a symbol of that tragedy. Fortunately, over the years many documentaries have been produced to bring awareness to this dark time in our history – to show us how far we’ve come and serve as an important reminder for future generations.

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