Argentina’s Economic Collapse

Jul 4, 2023 | Economics, News, Political, Videos

Argentina is a country with a tumultuous history of poverty, corruption, and violence. For decades, the people of Argentina have been subject to oppressive conditions and have had little to no voice in their government’s decisions. All of this began when foreign debt was used as a means of enriching Argentinean financiers, controlling finances, and draining the country’s wealth.

The effects of this foreign debt snowballed over several generations until it finally reached its boiling point in 2002 with the populist uprising known as “the Saucepan Revolution.” It was during this period that the people of Argentina began to take back control from their oppressors.

The documentary “Bare-Faced Cheek” explores the events leading up to and during the Saucepan Revolution through interviews with experts and eye-witnesses. It goes beyond just telling a story; it shows how money corrupts those who are meant to protect us and reveals how ordinary citizens fought for their rights despite insurmountable odds.

This film is an important reminder that we must not be silenced by our governments even if they break promises or devise plans that don’t benefit us. It also serves as an example of what can happen when citizens stand up together against injustice — a reminder that we all have power if we unite our voices and act. We urge you to watch this film to educate yourself on social issues surrounding foreign debt and stand alongside Argentinians in solidarity for justice.

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David B