Africa’s looted art

Jun 12, 2023 | People, Performing Arts, Social, Videos

This upcoming documentary offers a compelling African perspective on the heated debate surrounding the restitution of cultural treasures that were brutally stripped from the continent during the colonial era. From Nigeria’s bronze works to a Cameroonian ornamental prow, the film explores various examples of highly valuable pieces that now reside in European museums.
The proposed return of these artifacts has ignited passionate discussions on both sides, with some advocating for their swift repatriation, while others have reservations. Through interviews with researchers, museum directors, and curators, as well as artists and individuals from the African countries of origin, this documentary delves into the complex issues at the heart of this ongoing debate. The film also examines the emotive reactions that arise when the painful past is revisited and ask questions about the broader context of poverty, hunger, and corruption in former colonies.

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David B