Argentina’s Economic Collapse

Jul 14, 2023 | Economics, Videos

The citizens of Argentina experienced a period of immense struggle during the early 2000s. After years of apathy, an insurrection broke out in response to rampant corruption and oppressive foreign debt that left the country in poverty. This debt had been accumulating since independence two centuries prior and it was used by financiers to control the finances and empty the nation’s wealth. This loan system only worked with the collaboration of successive governments, who favored international corporations over their own people and helped facilitate a culture of technocrats who furthered this cycle of poverty.

This revolt led to a documentary entitled, “The Take” – an exposé on how financial devastation affected everyday life in Argentina. The film follows a handful of workers from Buenos Aires as they fight for justice against large corporations who profited off their suffering. “The Take” is an eye-opening exploration into how working class citizens pushed back against powerful figures in order to reclaim their rights as workers and citizens.

Viewers will see the tenacious spirit of these brave individuals as they use inventive tactics such as strikes, occupations, and protests to draw attention to their cause. The documentary also features interviews with local activists, politicians, economists, and union leaders who provide valuable insight into how Argentina’s debt crisis could have been resolved without cost to its people.

Though it is hard to watch these characters suffer from such injustice, “The Take” serves as an inspiring reminder that no matter how daunting a situation may seem – collective action can make tremendous strides towards change. We encourage everyone to watch this fascinating documentary and learn more about Argentina’s fight for economic freedom.

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David B