Super-Rich & Surrounded by Poverty: India’s New Billionaires

Jun 2, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

India has become home to more billionaires than anywhere except China and America. They spend their billions on glitzy Bollywood weddings, luxury yachts and building gigantic towers and palaces, as well as travelling across the globe. But while most Indians live in poverty, the select few ride the country’s growing economy. This documentary delves into the lives of these billionaires and exposes the glamorous yet corrupt high life, from tax evasion to money laundering.
Follow the stories of rich heirs and self-made men in this 6-month investigation of India’s new billionaires. Experience their struggles to rise to the top and explore the difficulties they face in this exclusive circle. Get ready to immerse into their world and uncover the truth behind the lives of these modern-day Maharajahs.

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David B