Animals Like Us – Animal Medicine

Jul 16, 2023 | Animals, Videos

Animals are capable of astonishing feats when it comes to staying healthy and treating themselves. Recent research has uncovered evidence that animals use plant and insect substances to self-medicate, which suggests an innate knowledge about medical treatment and a natural understanding of health.

Take the capuchin monkey, for example; these primates rub citrus fruit on their fur, acting as an effective form of sunscreen or insect repellent. Similarly, caterpillars have been observed eating poison hemlock, while herbivorous red deer have even been known to chew the legs off live seabirds! This behavior is not only remarkable but also demonstrates a deep understanding about medical treatments and how to protect themselves against disease-carrying parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Now a new documentary is set to take viewers around the world to explore just how animals use medicine in order to survive under such conditions. By asking questions about the nature of animal health and what we can learn from them in terms of using medicinal substances, this film delves into a fascinating area rarely explored in any depth before.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the incredible intelligence and resilience of our animal brethren, this documentary promises an eye-opening journey into their world of medicine – one that may surprise many viewers with its surprising insights. So why not grab a seat and join us as we uncover the mysteries surrounding animal health?

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David B