He dances for his cormorants – The Lords of the Animals

May 15, 2023 | Animals, Nature, Videos

In Zongman’s village in China, a unique sight can be seen: a dozen cormorants that obey his voice and follow him wherever he goes. Fishermen across the world have used cormorants for centuries to help them bring in catches of fish, but Zongman’s flock are truly remarkable. Every day they return with several kilos of fish that would otherwise be out of reach to even the most experienced angler.

This incredible scene has been captured on film in the documentary “Fishing with Cormorants”. It follows Zongman and his faithful birds as they hunt for their next meal and explores the ancient art of fishing with cormorants that still survives today in rural China. The documentary is a captivating story that will leave viewers amazed at the bond between man and bird, how it has withstood thousands of years, and how it continues to provide sustenance for families like Zongman’s.

If you want to learn more about this unique tradition, then don’t miss out on “Fishing with Cormorants”! You’ll get an up close look at how these amazing birds contribute to their community and gain an appreciation for one of humankind’s oldest skills.

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David B