The Lost Gospels

Dec 6, 2023 | Religion, Videos

Anglican priest Pete Owen Jones presents an eye-opening documentary that dives into the unknown depths of ancient Christian texts that never made it into the New Testament. These works portray a Jesus far different from the one found in our traditional books; here he does not die, but instead takes revenge on his enemies and even kisses Mary Magdalene on the mouth!

This thought-provoking documentary will challenge your preconceived notions of Jesus and potentially shake your belief system. Through exploration of these alternate scriptures, you will gain an understanding of how drastically interpretations of Jesus can vary, along with knowledge of suppressed stories that have been kept hidden for centuries.

Pete Owen Jones’s documentary is essential viewing for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of Christianity and its history. With interviews from renowned experts in biblical studies, this program provides a unique insight into the hidden aspects and truths about Jesus that mainstream religions may not want you to know about. By the end, you may have grown more skeptical – or perhaps more open minded – than before.

If you are ready to uncover a new perspective on Christianity, don’t miss out on Pete Owen Jones’s fascinating documentary. It is sure to leave viewers questioning everything they once believed about Jesus Christ and his place in religion today!

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David B