Standard Operating Procedure

Mar 13, 2024 | Military/War, News, Political, Videos

The documentary Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) directed by Alex Gibney and Standard Operating Procedure (2008) directed by Errol Morris and written by Philip Gourevitch are essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand US military interrogation techniques. The former was awarded an Oscar, and follows the death of an Iraqi taxi driver as a framing device, while the latter is based on visual evidence and also has a companion book.

For viewers wanting to learn more about the history of US military interrogations, both documentaries are essential viewing. Taxi to the Dark Side gives an inside look into a tragedy that occurred during the Iraq War, looking at how it was caused, and exploring its implications. Standard Operating Procedure offers an exploration of this same issue through incredible visuals, showing how events unfolded in detail.

This combination of documentary approaches makes for compelling viewing. Not only does it paint a picture of the horrors that can occur in war but it also helps us understand why these things take place. Watching both documentaries will give you a comprehensive view of US military interrogations during this era and will leave you with a greater understanding than just reading about it in books or newspapers.

It is important to take time to educate yourself on topics such as these so that you may better understand our world’s complexities. So if you want to gain insight into US military interrogations during this time period, be sure to watch both Taxi to the Dark Side and Standard Operating Procedure – they are essential viewing!

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David B