Standard Operating Procedure

Feb 9, 2023 | Crime, Military/War, TOP 100, Videos

This is a 2008 documentary which investigates the significance of the photos taken by the military police of the U.S. at the prison in Abu Ghraib at the end of 2003. These photographs uncovered the torment and misuse of its detainees by U.S. troopers and therefore brought about an open embarrassment. The director of this documentary is Errol Morris.

Remarking on the relationship of his film to the infamous photos, Morris has said his plan was to reveal these perpetrators as the ones who were supposed to serve as scapegoats. It was awfully convenient to proclaim them as the only responsible ones due to the fact that they were in the photos. Photographs don’t let us know who the genuine guilty parties may be. They can likewise serve as a cover-up and be highly misleading. Photographs uncover and hide, serve both as confession and concealment.

This is an examination of the expected outcomes of the Iraqi war with an attention on occasions at Abu Ghraib jail which started to show up in worldwide media in 2004. The jail rapidly got to be famous for the photographs of the misuse of dread suspects, their youngsters, and the innocent citizens by military personnel.

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Riyan H.