The Summer Of Rave, 1989

Mar 21, 2024 | Music, Videos

The summer of 1989 in Britain was one for the books – it was a scorching affair that lasted from start to finish, and people all across the nation were eager to make the most of it. For those who lived through it, the memories that come flooding back at the mere mention of that year will no doubt bring a smile to their face. This summer was not just about wearing less clothing and letting inhibitions go, but about indulging in parties and activities that made it a time like no other.

The documentary “Summer of ’89” is an exploration into this extraordinary summer and is an absolute must-watch for anyone wanting to learn more about or relive the joys experienced during this period. From music festivals such as Glastonbury and Finsbury Park’s Monster Raving Loony Party, to lighter moments such as watching Loverboy’s cover version of “Maggie May” on Top of The Pops – this film captures it all perfectly. It also takes viewers behind the scenes on some of the biggest stories from this time, such as Margaret Thatcher’s resignation, Hillsborough disaster, Princess Diana visiting South America and East Germany opening its borders.

This documentary brings something special to those who have memories of that time or simply want to learn more history – making it both entertaining and educational in equal measure. The film features interviews with some key figures from British culture at the time – including Javed Khan (the Pakistani bus driver at Trafalgar Square), DJ Paul Gambaccini (who talks about his time on Radio 1) and Dennis Skinner (the “Beast Of Bolsover”). With so much going on during those 3 months, there’s certainly enough material here for anyone interested in learning about what life was like 30 years ago in Britain while having plenty of fun doing so. So don’t miss out – watch “Summer of ’89” now!

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David B