The 10 Best Documentaries About Princess Diana

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If you are looking for an in-depth exploration of the legacy left by Princess Diana, look no further. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries about her life and works that will bring insight into her extraordinary story. From biographies to feature films, these powerful pieces draw on exclusive interviews from family members and friends, as well as stunning archival footage to explore the life and times of one of the most beloved figures in recent history. Dive into a world of intrigue, tragedy and resilience as you learn more about Princess Diana’s remarkable life.


1. The Tragic Life & Death Of Princess Diana | What Really Happened To Diana? | Timeline

Princess Diana is often remembered for her grace, beauty, and poise. However, few people are aware of the tragic events that ultimately led to her death in 1997. Princess Diana: A Life After Death offers a unique look into the life of this beloved royal figure. This documentary goes beyond commemorating the anniversary of her death and paints a vivid picture of Diana’s political, historical, and social legacy. From her childhood struggles to her untimely death, the documentary covers it all – giving viewers the chance to learn more about this iconic woman. It delves into the life of a remarkable individual who touched so many lives in so little time.


2. Diana & Charles: The Scandal Of The Century | The Life & Death Of Princess Diana | Timeline

Princess Diana was a true modern Cinderella, with a captivating story that dominated headlines and hearts. But this documentary looks past the glamour of her fairy tale life to uncover the shocking truth behind her secret life, marriage and ultimate death. Through interviews, reenactments and archival footage, this film examines all sides of the scandalous royal saga—from the betrayal of her husband to the media circus that followed her every move. Get a closer look at the life and death of an icon with Diana & Charles: The Scandal Of The Century, Timeline and The Life & Death Of Princess Diana.


3. Princess Diana – Queen of Hearts Documentary

This captivating video takes us on a journey through the life and times of Princess Diana, from her childhood to her engagement with Prince Charles to her untimely death in 1997. We see how this beloved royal won over the hearts of a nation and became one of the most iconic figures in modern British history. Through interviews and archival footage, we learn fascinating details about the Queen of Hearts and how she stood up for social causes such as AIDS awareness, youth homelessness and ban landmines. Audiences will be moved by her story and inspired by her legacy.


4. Princess Diana’s Death: The Truth Behind The Tragedy

On August 31st, the lives of Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul were tragically cut short. In the wake of this devastating event, questions arose as to what truly happened that night. Unfortunately, much of these questions have been overshadowed by conspiracy theories that are too absurd to take seriously.By looking at all available evidence from that fateful night, this documentary seeks to uncover the truth behind Diana’s tragic death. Viewers will be taken through a journey that examines every crucial moment of the crash and its aftermath.


5. Princess Diana: The Inquest (British Royal Family Documentary)

This extraordinary documentary shines a light on the events leading up to one of modern history’s most mourned and mysterious deaths – that of Princess Diana. Packed with exclusive CCTV footage from the Ritz Hotel, where she spent some of her final hours, along with compelling statements from those closely connected to the tragedy. The Inquest covers all the essential questions that were sought to be answered in the subsequent inquiry into what happened on that fateful night. This film is an essential watch for those seeking a comprehensive look at the enigmatic death of Princess Diana.


6. A Closer Look At The Life Of Princess Diana | A Portrait Of Diana | Timeline

A Look at the Extraordinary Life of Princess Diana | A Glimpse Into Her World | Behind The ScenesThroughout her lifetime, Diana, Princess of Wales captured the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. She was viewed as a beautiful fairy-tale princess with an incredible style who graced the public with her presence for many years. This documentary dives deep into the life of Diana and reveals a complex woman who was under constant pressure. Follow her story as it unfolds in this unique portrait, from her humble beginnings to becoming a beloved icon around the world. Learn about the struggles she endured, the joys she experienced, and how she left an indelible mark on history.


7. In The Name Of Love: The Tortuous Life Of Princess Diana

Princess Diana captivated the world from the moment of her engagement to Prince Charles. She was a beguiling teenager who grew into an international figure of humanitarian stature – but it wasn’t an easy journey for her. In The Name Of Love: The Tortuous Life Of Princess Diana documents this remarkable woman’s life and examines how she overcame trials and tribulations, both private and public, to become the beloved icon we remember today. From her initial struggles with royal life to finding true love in Dodi Fayed and carving out a legacy as an advocate for social change, this documentary reveals Diana’s story in full.


8. How Fame Really Affected Princess Diana| A Princess Under Pressure

Princess Diana was the epitome of grace, beauty, and compassion. But beneath her carefully crafted public image was a woman struggling with the immense pressure of fame. How Fame Really Affected Princess Diana documents her remarkable journey and illuminates the delicate balance between private life and public persona. This fascinating documentary dives into the complexities of being one of the most famous women in the world, and shows how fame impacted her relationships, her mental health and the decisions she made throughout her life. It’s an account that will both captivate your heart and open your eyes to a different side of Princess Diana.


9. Princess Diana: The Woman Behind The Camera

Princess Diana had an immense impact on the world. Her face was recognizable to millions around the globe, and her influence on fashion, magazine sales, and public opinion was tremendous. Not only did she appear in print and television media, but she also had a knack for getting people to pay attention to causes she believed in — making her a powerful force for good. But there’s more to Diana than just the public image. Behind the camera, she was a mother, a philanthropist, and an individual with her own unique story. Documentaries about Princess Diana can help us better understand this incredible woman by exploring her life in greater detail — from her childhood, to her relationships with family and friends, to the heartbreaking moments that defined


10. Princess Diana: The Legend And Legacy Of A Princess | FULL MOVIE | Documentary

Experience the life and times of Princess Diana in this captivating documentary. Delving into her tragic death, explore the lasting legacy of this beloved member of the British Royal Family and learn what made her such a beloved queen. Follow her journey from young girl to celebrity princess as we uncover the events that shaped her life – from her charitable works to her tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles. Witness the powerful mark she left on the world and how even after her death, the Princess of Wales remains an iconic figure for generations to come. Get a rare glimpse into Diana’s legacy and discover what made her such an unforgettable woman.

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