The Story Of Ireland

Aug 19, 2023 | History, Videos

Ireland’s history is a fascinating journey full of culture, social movements, and economic development. Now, Fergal Keane has created The Story Of Ireland – a groundbreaking five-part documentary series exploring the country’s impact on the world.

The series dives deep into Ireland’s past, seeking to understand events that have shaped our collective identity. From conflicts to celebrations and from great achievements to major setbacks, viewers will experience every aspect of the Irish story over the last few centuries.

Viewers will explore our unique heritage through an in-depth examination of Ireland’s inspiring people, places and moments in history. We’ll learn about how we overcame oppression and poverty, while also discovering why some struggles remain ongoing today.

Award-winning journalist Fergal Keane takes us on this remarkable journey through time with his captivating narrative and compelling interviews with experts from all over the world. His knowledge of Irish history also shines throughout as he uncovers new facts about our past that many may not know about.

The Story Of Ireland

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